Fixing Home and End keys in Vim

I'm using a SSH server app to access my android device's files. To make this environment more useful, I have improved many configurations, but Vim insists on printing H and F when pressing <Home> and <End> keys, respectively.

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Keybindings to positioning windows in Lxde and Openbox

Working with development,  we use to deal with many open windows and type all the time, so it is very useful to have keyboard bindings allowing more than only maximize or minimize windows. I use Lubuntu, which is based on Openbox, and I am publishing here my lubuntu-rc.xml customizations, which depending on your system can be named as lxde-rc.xml or openbox-rc.xml.

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Web Server with a single command

With a single command is possible to start, on Linux, a temporary webserver, publishing some folder contents in a port of your choice. To kill it, just the good and old Ctrl+C. Very useful in a lot of cases

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Creating a secure Debian server

My favourite linux distro is Debian. Ubuntu Server is also great, but in my case generally I only need a LAMP server (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP), without big network responsabilities (mainly on intranets implementations). And, finally, Ubuntu is Debain based. Because this, I choose the lighter option, Debian. For graphic interface, I prefer LXDE, one of the lightest actually.

If it was only install and bring it up, would be great. Otherwise, when a server is exposed on Web, it becames to be target of many malicious bots, which searches security fails over all internet , IP by IP, almost port by port.

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Joomla database dump in linux terminal

There are many extensions for files and database backup (the most poular, as far I know, is Akeeba Backup). But, to keep a light environment and don't be exposed thorough eventual extensions vulnerabilities, advanced users may want to automate this task in terminal, doing dump extraction.

Basically, a dump is a SQL script that recreate all your tables and their data, being very much useful in environment migrations, restore points, etc. Execute it inan empty database to recreate the original one.

I will present some useful commands in this task and, at the end, a script for Joomla database dump, that reads autimatically the connection data from configuration.php.

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