Ready to use Joomla virtual machine (and other CMSs)

A virtual machine is a good option to run Joomla locally, without almost any technical knowledge about environment configuration (install apache, mysql, wamp and so). This method applies to Linux and Windows users, and can save many work hours mainly for those that knows how to handle with content, but knows nothing about servers.

Basically, you must install a virtualization software (Virtualbox), create a new Linux virtual machine (using a ready virtual disk file), start this machine and your are done. With this, a new computer will "appear" in your network, which have own webserver and database, as the Joomla already installed and running.

At you can download many types of virtual machines, ready for many CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Moodle, and others), as VMDK files (virtual hd). There are also another interesting solutions, as a common PHP+MySQL Server, torrent server, domain controller, ldap, and etc.

At you can download the virtual machine with Joomla 2.5configured and running (There is still no one for 3.x).

How to install the Joomla virtual machine using Virtualbox: