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SteamOS ready-to-go virtual machine (VirtualBox OVA file)

The SteamOS is finally available to download, but the installation is not so easy. But you can use this OVA file to easily import a ready-to-use Virtual Machine with Oracle VirtualBoxVirtualBostGuestAdditions already installed, and sudo enabled.


steamos ova peqDownload SteamOS virtual machine (torrent)
Direct download

VirtualBostGuestAdditions already installed, and sudo enabled for user steam
Size: 1,11GB
MD5: 1140a9d2e21fb04993bf46fc14a1d16c
SHA-1: 3f63be031c88be59bec12af059d6757a53e2e978


How to install

First of all, you will need VirtualBox. Download the latest version here, and do the beloved Next->Next->...->Finish method to install.

Open VirtualBox.

VirtualBox main screen

Go to File->Import Appliance

select ova file

Select the OVA file and click Next.


Then, click Import and wait.


The window will close and SteamOS will appear at Virtualbox main window. Select SteamOS, and click Start.

steamos virtualbox

With the machine started, note that the SteamOS does not loads automatically, and you will need to provide the following command to start it:

steam os start

2.0 Shell> EFI\steamos\grubx64.efi

After that, finally you will see Grub boot mode selection. Select the first option and press Enter, or wait for it to be chosen automatically (recovery mode starts at terminal, as root).


At least, do the login:

  • user: steam
  • password: steam


And voilá! There is the SteamOS running as virtual machine!


This is the far I could reached on SteamOS installation. Have tried many hours to find a way to skip the UEFI weird prompt, and to fix the Gnome font size issue, without success yet.